Gary Wright



    The following "medley" of tunes was recorded by the aspiring duo Gary and Billy (Gary Wright and Bill Markle) in the New York City radio studios of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in 1959. They were each some sixteen years old. The selections include Annie Was a Stroller, What Will I Do, I've Had It, Sweet Little Rock and Roller, and then, a second time, Annie Was a Stroller, which was arguably their favorite at the time. The sessions were engineered by Billy's father, Gilbert J. Markle.
    Working After School (V. Catalano, M. Goldman) came a year later, in 1960, and was a 45rpm release on the 20th Fox record label. 
    Sunshine Help Me (released on Chris Blackwell's Island Records) came seven years after that. By this time Gary Wright had abandoned his plans to become a medical doctor and was deeply immersed in the London recording scene, working with Jimmy Miller. Miller was involved with another important band at the time called The Rolling Stones

       Gary and Billy, medley, 1959 
       Working After School, 1960 
       Sunshine Help Me, 1967





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