Jeff Christie

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      Movin' On   Words, music, vocals and all instruments except drums by Jeff Christie. Drums played by Jesse Henderson; outro vocal by Annie McLoone. Engineered by Jesse Henderson and Gil Markle. Co-produced by Jeff Christie and Gil Markle at Long View Farm, 1975.  This is a 1/4" 2T15 ips tape copy of a rough mix of a 16-track demo recording, digitized and rm-encoded 26 years later. Special thanks to Ray Chan for the photos of Jeff Christie appearing below. 

       Bah, Bah, Boo, Bah!  Studio musicians sometimes get a chance to laugh at themselves. Here are the members of the Flamenco-rock group Carmen (Paul Fenton, drums; John Glascock, bass; Angela Allen, vocals), and their dear friend Jeff Christie (keyboards), together with engineers Jesse Henderson and Gil Markle, having a long laugh at their then precarious situation, with foreclosure bankers at the door, and the manager with the money nowhere in sight. Paul Fenton composed the tune on the drums, working off energy a few nights before the horse crushed his legs in a freak accident; Gil Markle happened to push the record button without anybody knowing he did so; Jeff Christie jumped on with terrific energy and wonderful keyboards; the group helped Gil mix the song and its refrain, everybody laughing and having a great time. Bennie Strange dedicated the song to Nancy Wilcox, laughing himself at the world we make around ourselves.

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    Nearly thirty years later, snipits of the original production were made into an audio "bed track" for a video clip promoting overseas travel for high school students. Giuseppe "Lupo" Lupoi did the video edits; Gil Markle produced it. 

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