Stones Cinderella Story



A Long View Farm press release, 27 October, 1981.

    North Brookfield, Mass. A local college girl and Stones fan was selected among thousands and invited to visit with the Rolling Stones at their secluded rehearsal site in rural Massachusetts. 
    Carole Wegloski, 21, native of Fall River and a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has related the details of her vain attempts to gain access to Long View Farm, and her unexpected selection by studio officials as the first and sole visitor to the premises of the studio during the stay in residence of the Rolling Stones. 
    "First of all, I offered in town to help deliver the liquor order, but the lady in the store named Helen said that wasn't allowed. So we went back (to the Farm) and got to know the security guards and a nice English guy named Alan." 
    "I don't know why they chose me," Carole continued. "All I know is that I got a phone call, that I had to go to a secret meeting, and that they'd send an airplane for me the next day that had a bar and a bartender in it. I was told I had to come alone, and that I couldn't tell anybody. It was great, just like James Bond." 
    Gil Markle, owner of the studio, confirmed that Carole had been selected with the help of security man Jim Callahan and general manager for the band, Alan Dunn. "She went in as the representative of several thousand hopeful fans who've come by the Farm since mid-August. She got a full tour, met most of the band, and got to hear some rehearsals on the new sound stage. She saw it all." 
    "The Stones are real people," Carole insists. "But it's so crazy up there, at the Farm. The phones are ringing off the hook, fan mail is stacked everywhere in piles, and people are trying every trick in the book to get in and see the band. I must have talked to Keith (Richards) for at least five minutes while he was making a Hot Toddy. Patti, his girlfriend, is really thin, just like Ron Wood's girlfriend, Jo. It's all the hype and the rumors and the myth which makes them seem not real. But that's not so. I saw them, and they're regular people." 
    Carole, who goes by the nickname "Wig," could throw little light on the Stones' penchant for surprise pre-tour performances in the area. "I didn't hear them talking about it, and I wouldn't say anything even if I did," she said. "All I can say is that they have a big map of the United States up on the wall in the kitchen, and that Massachusetts is bristling with colored pins. I think that must mean something." 
    Kathleen Holden, studio manager, ruled out the possibility of future surprise visits by fans. "This was Gil's idea, and it can't happen again. If Wig comes back herself, it will be to help out with the phones."


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