Taj Mahal


     The Taj Mahal audio clips appearing below were not recorded at Long View Farm. I had recorded them several years earlier, well before the creation of Long View, when I was still teaching Philosophy at Clark University. This was a concert at Clark University, in 1969.
     It was over ten years later, during the nineteen-eighties, that Taj Mahal came to North Brookfield in order to make magnetic tape of his music, which by then had achieved international acclaim.  He never knew, while in residence, that the owner of Long View Farm had made tapes of him a decade earlier.  I should have told him, and played the tape for him.  However, the privacy of our rock-star clients was always foremost in our minds, and such an intrusion would have been unthinkable in those days.  We generally spoke only when we were spoken to. 
     The audio tape excerpted from below was originally recorded 1/4-track, at 7.5ips, with Dolby-B noise reduction. It's a stereo feed off the soundboard and two Sony C-55 mikes that you're hearing, mixed live.  Toby Mountain "baked" the tape in 2007, which was by then very brittle, and digitized it.
      Lest it be in the form (at this writing) of 38-year-old torn ticket stubs pasted into co-ed scrapbooks, this Clark University concert is completely undocumented. There are no surviving posters or theater handouts. Even Google knows nothing about this concert, creating the unsettling fear that it perhaps never occurred. 
     Not to worry. The selections appearing below (featuring the identifiable supporting musicianship of Jesse Ed Davis and Ry Cooder) give the lie to that dismal theory.

         You're Gonna' Need Somebody on Your Bond 
         Gonna' Move Up to the Country (Gonna' Paint My Mailbox Blue) 
         Further On Down the Road (You Will Accompany Me) 
         Six Days on the Road (and I got to See My Baby Tonight) 

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