Appendix F


MEMORANDUM (From Gil Markle to Alan Dunn) Ref: The Tennis Court Fiasco, August, 1981

    Jim Dempsey, who is a staff reporter for the Evening Gazette (the P.M. version of the Telegram) has called to say that he too was outraged by the "Tennis Court" article, and is willing to cooperate with us, if we wish. (Dempsey was one of those who helped us last week by not writing a story.) 
    Presumably, the following points would be made by Jagger, and reported by Dempsey in the Gazette in an open and sympathetic manner: 

(1) Keith Richards was not in North Brookfield on the Friday afternoon in question, and his name is spelled with an "S" at the end. 

(2) the young lady whistled at on the bicycle was Solveig Fernlund, a staff member at the studio and a friend of the band. 

(3) the cigarette of "questionable legality" was not his, Jagger's, but belonged to the autograph seeker instead. And it was a legal cigarette. 

(4) Jagger wants to know whose question it was, concerning the "questionable legality." The observer in the car, Van Dyke? The newspaper's? In either case, additional corroborating sources should have been sought before publishing a statement strongly suggestive that Jagger committed an illegal act that Friday. 

(5) The Rolling Stones are happy to be in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and are not at all eager to corrupt the local youth, contrary to the insinuations published by the Telegram.

    We can also deliver friendly DJ's at WAAF-Worcester, and WBCN-Boston, in the event you wanted to do simultaneous radio.